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Share the Love Khus Khus Luxury CBD Skin Care Gift Set

Share the Love Khus Khus Luxury CBD Skin Care Gift Set

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Looking for a great little gift to pamper a friend?

Our Share the Love is perfect!

Includes a 2 week supply of 3 our customer's favorite Khus Khus cbd skin care products made from pure plant botanicals (Literally the juice from flowers)

Perfect for mothers sisters, daughters - and yes- guys too!

My husband loves these products. He uses all 3 of them. The Sen Face Serum is a fantastic after shave and men get dry skin too!

Want to add a little chocolate? Add an Unwind Chocolate with 25 mg of cbd, reishi & of Holy Basil for pure relaxation.

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    This sampler gift set includes enough for 2 weeks of pure luxury. The facial products included will not only make your skin beautiful, but will bathe you in the most wonderful smelling aromatherapy each morning and evening when you use them.  Even if these products didn't make my skin feel so fantastic, I would use them just for the gorgeous scents. 

    SEN face serum (2 Dram Vial - about a 2 week supply) - Our customers love this.  just 3 drops in the morning and at night after washing your face will keep your skin nourished, moist and balanced.  Smells like- well - I can describe it- fantastic! uplifting -maybe like a fresh morning meadow

    Ingredients: endocannabinoid hemp extract, ruh khus, rhododendron, somalian frankincense co2, wild french lavender, black currant, squalane

    Skin Challenges | acne, inflammation, dry skin, fine lines, pigmentation issues, highly restorative ideal for activating balance.

    THE FIX face potion (5ml sample jar- Enough for about 2 weeks- A little goes a long way) For serious moisturizing and repair of damaged skin. Will intoxicate you with the smell of jasmine every time you use it.

    Ingredients: usnea, elderflower, amla, cannabinoid, prickly pear, amalaki seed oil

    SKIN CHALLENGES |  most skin types:  dry, oily, sensitive, eczema, acne, inflammation, sun-damaged, dark circles
    DETAILS: 5ml sample jar

    RASA restorative potion- (5ml sample jar- 2 week supply for face, but really  just enought to try because you are going to want to slather this all over your body like I do) Smells light and fresh like lemon and cardamon. Another product for intense hydration needed in these dry winter months.  When my skin is really  dry I like to use this at night before bed (I also use it on my hands but might need a bigger jar for that)

    Ingredients: reishi, chaga, ca poppy, brahmi, CBD, yuzu, cardamon, CO2 , sandalwood, squalane, hemp, prickly pear butter

    Skin Challenges: dry, dehydrated skin conditions, skin that had been depleted by stress and environmental toxins, sensitive skin conditions, can be used on face for a more intense hydration.

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