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Pana Small Pet CBD Relief Cream .5 oz, 300 mg

Pana Small Pet CBD Relief Cream .5 oz, 300 mg

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Pana's Small Pet CBD Relief Cream is administered by gently rubbing the lotion onto the internal skin of the pet’s ears. Research has shown that CBD products, such as our cream, may provide relief for symptoms of anxiety, pain, inflammation, and seizures in small pets. Your beloved pet deserves relief –  our transdermal cream may be able to help them achieve it.

PANA Pet® Small Pet CBD Relief Cream was formulated and tested based on feedback from veterinarians across the United States. Understanding that when pets do not feel well, their eating habits change, so the PANA Pet® development team explored other formulas that were easy to administer to small pets. With a lot of success stories and positive results, we at Panacea Life Sciences are excited to launch the first purposefully developed CBD small pet product in the market.

The PANA Pet® team believes it is best for our animal friends to not have THC in their CBD products, so all of our PANA Pet® products are THC-Free.

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