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PANA Health CBD + CBG Softgels, 30 ct, 100 mg/gel

PANA Health CBD + CBG Softgels, 30 ct, 100 mg/gel

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These soft gels are very potent. Made with full spectrum hemp extract, they have 50 mg CBD+ 50 mg CBG per gel for maximum relief.

CBG is like stem cells for the cannabis plant. All cannabinoids in the plant including CBD, THC, CBN and others start as CBG in young plants.

This is a very high dose product.  While CBG does not generally make people sleepy, high concentrations of CBD can and a high concentration of both is even more likely to have a sedative effect.  If you are not sure of your dosage and want to titrate up (We always recommend titrating up to find the right dose for you- click on link for our blog post and video about finding the right dose for your body) you may want to try one of the following CBD + CBG Tinctures:

Bluebird Botanicals Uplift CBD + CBG Tincture

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