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khus + khus

Khus + Khus SEN Face Serum with cbd

Khus + Khus SEN Face Serum with cbd

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We absolutely love this face serum made from pure plant botanicals (Literally the juice from flowers). Just 3 drops in the morning and evening to keep your skin balanced and hydrated. Smells fantastic and feels like the lap of luxury. Treat yourself or someone you love! You'll be glad you did.

Botanical Therapeutic Actions: 
This unique formula combines the remarkable endocannabinoid healing power of Eco-Certified hemp extract with highly regarded Ayurvedic and Western botanicals and resins for a complete skin healing modality. One of the most important aspects of healthy skin is the maintenance of the endocannabinoid system which maintains the basal cell life cycle, containing 90% of the cells in the epidermis. Radiant healthy skin relies on our ability to create cell turnover by growing healthy new cells and discarding old ones. Maintenance of the endocannabinoid is vital in regulating the life cycle of our cells and creating healthy skin full of vitality. Hemp extract provides remarkable therapeutics for skin maintenance and skin disorders. Combined with an array of well-known and highly regarded skin care champions this formula provides the ultimate in cellular healing. 

Skin Concerns: 
acne, eczema, mature, atopic dermatitis, dry skin, aging, fine lines, psoriasis, pigmentation.

eco-cert hemp extract + ruh khus + rhododendron + somalian frankincense co2 + wild french lavender + black currant seed oil
+ Ruh khus also known as vetiver is highly valued in India for its aromatic properties. Having action on the endocrine system ruh khus assist in regulating hormonal secretions, creating a balancing effect on the skin and reducing hormonal acne outbreaks. Ruh Khus strengthens connective tissue repairing loose and devitalized skin.
+ Somalian Frankincense Co2 is reputed for its cell regenerative properties frankincense stimulates new cell growth making it an excellent oil to repair scar tissue, and revitalize skin, creating a more youthful appearance and texture. 
+ Wild French Lavender while not all lavender is created equal, Wild French lavender sets the benchmark not only for lavender aroma but in the true complexity of the healing modalities of the lavender plant which is immense. Rich in esters, lavender creates a relaxing and tonic effect on the central nervous system, it is also highly anti-inflammatory containing many compounds that increase cellular regeneration and tissue healing. 
+Wild Harvested, Nepal Rhododendron in Nepal, where Rhododendron has been used for many years it is considered a symbol of the balance of the fire meridian. Rhododendron is a tonic essential oil supporting adrenal and liver function, these bodily systems support the health of the skin. By restoring the adrenals during times of stress and fatigue overall health of the complexion is restored. Excellent for restoring Ojas by stabilizing the immune system. There is scientific research that suggests the essential oil of rhododendron reduced cancer cell growth in all types of cells tested.
+ Black currant seed oil is highly anti-inflammatory and rich in Vitamin C, it contains excellent therapeutic properties which make it an excellent healing oil. Increasing immunity through its antioxidant protection from free radical-induced damage. Improving the of elasticity in the skin and creating a luminous appearance to the skin.
+ Buriti oil is grown in the Amazon River Basin, buriti oil contains carotenoids, aka vitamin A in one of the highest levels in any botanical species known on the planet. Resulting in a vast array of antioxidant compounds, creating an extremely high level of protection from free radical damage. Buriti oil contains numerous fatty acid compounds assisting in the production of collagen and providing excellent anti-aging skin nutrition. 

ENERGETICS: Increases flow of Prana reducing the accumulation of stress, assisting in relaxation, reducing insomnia, and irritability.

WHAT’S IN IT?*camellia oleifera(camellia)+ribes nigrum(black currant seed oil)squalane(olive derived)mauritia flexuosa(burti)+lavandula angustifolia(wild lavender)+boswellia serrata(frankincense CO2)ecocert hemp extract co2+rhododendron anthopogon*vetiveria zizanoides(vetiver) vit E mixed tocopherols non-gmo sourced

USE: Add a small amount to the back of hand apply to forehead, chin, cheeks, neck, spread evenly. morning + night.

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