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Hemp Beverage Company

Hemp Beverage Company Cannabis Cocktail Additive

Hemp Beverage Company Cannabis Cocktail Additive

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Make any drink a cannabis beverage. Explore a healthier alternative to alcohol. Discover the world of cannabis infused cocktails and embark on a journey of unparalleled taste and relaxation.

This Cannabis additive transforms any drink into a delicious and refreshing cannabis mocktail.

With 80mg of  hemp-derived THC per 1 oz bottle (7 drops = 1 mg D9 THC)this is the  ideal choice for crafting libations for friends or indulging in your own personal pleasure with exact dosing.

Experience the pleasure of cannabis without the drawbacks of inhaling smoke or nursing an alcohol-induced hangover.

Did we mention it’s completely legal!  Contains less than 0.3% hemp-derived Delta-9 THC and complies with the 2018 United States Farm Bill’s stringent regulations, as verified by its COA.

This is the closest thing to pure liquid D9 THC that we have found.

  • Water Soluble (so mixes easily into any drink
Water and cannabis don’t always mix well, causing uneven distribution and sticking to the sides of the bottle. This unique formulation is water-soluble, making it effortless to mix with any drink you desire. Say goodbye to clumps or uneven dispersion and enjoy a seamlessly blended experience every time.
  • No bitterness
Most cannabis-based edible products leave a less-than-pleasant bitter taste in your mouth.  But fear not, because the Cannabis Mocktail Creator eliminates that bitter note entirely, offering a smooth and delicious experience that you’ll love.
  • Fast Acting
Unlike traditional cannabis beverages that can take up to 120 minutes to kick in, our cutting-edge nano-emulsification technology ensures you feel the effects in as little as 15 minutes. 
  • Precise dosing (7 drops - 1 mg D9 THC)
Everyone responds differently to THC, which is why precise dosing is crucial and if you want to have a couple of drinks, you may want to put just a little in each drink so you can meter out the pleasant effects throughout your day or night.  Unlike other edibles or drinks with pre-determined amounts of THC, this cannabis additive  empowers you to find your perfect dose. We always recommend starting low (with 1 mg of THC  or 7 drops)  If you are okay with that level you can increase from there with an understanding of how it effects you.  With the specially designed dosing bottle and attachable dosing cup, you have complete control to pour just the right amount of THC for you. Each box even includes a helpful guide that walks you through a series of experiments to determine your tailored perfect dose.
  • Almost no taste
Most cannabis beverages come with a pre-determined flavor profile, catering to a broad audience. This cannabis additive gives you complete freedom to create any THC mocktail or worm beverage you can dream up.  Whether you like traditional cocktail  taste, crave a refreshing blend of fresh fruit juices, or are indulging in rich hot chocolate and coffee concoction, you can turn any drink into a cannabis infused treat. Experience the perfect taste that aligns with your unique preferences.
  • No added sugars

Simply put, Cannabis Mocktail Creator transforms any drink into an extraordinary cannabis beverage.  Say goodbye to boring drinks and hello to a world of cannabis-infused mocktails made effortlessly. Created exclusively for adults aged 21 and above, this product offers a fantastic alternative to alcohol and traditional cannabis consumption, delivering the ultimate solution for those seeking a relaxing and healthier, alcohol-free beverage option.

Did we mention it’s completely legal!  Contains less than 0.3% hemp-derived Delta-9 THC and complies with the 2018 United States Farm Bill’s stringent regulations, as verified by its COA.

What's My Dose

Pre dosed edibles and cocktails are almost always going to provide the wrong dose because individuals can experience the same dosage of cannabis completely differently. Imagine if every alcoholic drink had 3 shots of tequila added. This might be just fine for some, but for many, it would be way too much.

If you’re new to THC Cannabis (or haven’t experienced it in a long time), the most important thing to understand is that its effect is determined not only by the strength of how much you take but also by your individual body chemistry. In short, it affects everyone slightly differently. Some people feel a significant effect with as little as 2mg of THC; others require 100mg. And some may not feel the effects at all. It’s all based upon many factors, such as your weight, metabolism, the food you’ve consumed, and your unique endocannabinoid system.

So, until you know what dosage works for you, the golden rule is START LOW AND GO SLOW to unlock your personal Goldilocks Zone—a blissful sweet spot that delivers just the right amount of enjoyment without going overboard.  We recommend starting with 1 mg or 7 drops.  Even though this takes effect more quickly than most products, we recommend waiting at least an hour before trying more.  Slowly increase until you find the dose that is right for you!

Is it Legal?

Hemp Beverage Company takes pride in offering hemp-derived Delta-9 products that align with strict federal regulations. Thanks to the Farm Bill passed by the United States Congress in 2018, Delta-9 THC obtained from hemp cannabis plants is legal as long as it comprises no more than 0.3% of the product by dry weight volume.

Rest assured; all of Hemp Beverage Company products meet this requirement precisely. We exclusively source our ingredients from hemp and meticulously comply with the 0.3% Delta-9 THC limit. This dedication ensures that you receive nothing but pure, potent, and completely legal THC products.

Join us on this remarkable journey where legality and enjoyment harmoniously converge. Try Hemp Beverage Company products today and unlock a world of pure, legal THC bliss.



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