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Endoca Hemp Whipped Body Butter with 1500 mg cbd

Endoca Hemp Whipped Body Butter with 1500 mg cbd

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Protect , replenish and care for your body's largest organ (your skin) with Endoca's All Natural, Certified Organic Hemp Whipped Body Butter.

After I use this, water beads up on my skin for a week and my skin feels incredibly healthy. My skin actually feels like a strong barrier protecting my body from environmental insults and it smells wonderful!

After I use this, water beads up on my skin for a week and my skin feels incredibly healthy. My skin actually feels like a strong barrier protecting my body from environmental insults and it smells wonderful! The large container of this product cost $82 2 years ago, but unlike many other manufacturers, when Endoca finds efficiencies, they pass them on to their customers. By the way, I was happy to pay the $82, but it is an incredible bargain at $60.

At 15 mg of cbd/ ml, this is the highest potency cbd skin care product we have found and it is so pure you can eat it. If fact I use it on my dogs wounds because I am not worried about him licking it off.

Here's a little story about this great product. We had a customer who came in because she had a pretty bad case of psoriasis on both of her arms that itched like crazy and hurt. Like many people who have multiple autoimmune conditions she also had rheumatoid arthritis. She asked if the body butter would help with the pain in her joints, and we had to tell her probably not. The body butter was designed as a skin care product. She bought a jar of the body butter anyhow and called back the next day to order 3 more jars. (& that was when it cost $82/jar) She said it worked great - not only for calming her psoriasis, but also for joint pain in her arms. We aren't saying that this will be true for everyone, but this product does contain a lot of cbd and we were not surprised with her experience.

Note: If you are looking for a pain product, we recommend the Endoca Salve which is even more concentrated with 25 mg of cbd/ml. (By comparison, Charlotte's web CBD Cream contains 10 mg of cbd/ml and it is very concentrated compared to most products on the market.).

Below is some more great info about the Hemp Whipped Body Butter, then read on to find out why we are so nuts about Endoca!

  • High CBD concentration (450 mg/30 ml or 1500mg/100 ml) Also available in a lower concentration formula if you are just looking for a great moisturizer at a lower cost and don't require such a high concentration of cbd. The lower concentration body butter has 300 mg/100 ml of product and costs just $36.
  • Made with 100% natural, organic, food grade ingredients & no synthetic fragrances.
  • Ultra moisturizing and nourishing
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Contains: Organically certified CBD, Shea Butter, Palm Oil, Cocoa Seed Butter. Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Root Starch, Vanilla, Beeswax,Vitamin E
  • SO PURE, YOU CAN EAT IT! Endoca believes that if you’re going to use something on your body, it should be natural and safe enough to put in your mouth.
  • 100ml contains 300 or 1500mg of CBD
  • A luxuriant, protective and moisturizing, hemp body cream, supercharged with the powerful antioxidant CBD, and a host of 100% natural, organic, food grade ingredients.
  • CBD administered topically is absorbed directly through the skin.


  • The ultra moisturizing and nourishing combination of shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and hemp seed oil will leave your skin silky smooth and soft, while replenishing any moisture lost through everyday wear and tear.
  • ANTIOXIDANT - A rich source of anti-oxidants to protect your whole body against the damage caused by free radicals.
  • ANTI-SEBORRHOEIC - Useful in treating seborrheic dermatitis and mild dermatitis. If you are tired of itchy, red skin, this is definitely a very good solution.
  • SKIN CONDITIONING - Provides the skin with the natural lipids it needs. It reduces evaporation and thus increases the moisture content of the skin.
  • SKIN PROTECTING - Rich in antioxidants like CBD (Cannabidiol), Vitamin C and E, Hemp Whipped Body Butter protects against environmental damage, making it an ideal barrier cream.
  • The organic, highest quality natural oils and butters protect skin in wintertime.

Why we love Endoca:
Endoca is so committed to purity and excellence, and responsible and green corporate practices that they actually seem a little nuts. They use very high quality organic certified hemp from Denmark, biodeisel harvesters, hemp paper for their packaging and pharmaceutical grade manufacturing practices.
Endoca uses equipment and extraction methods not available to most manufacturers resulting in very pure, high quality products.

** We also love this products for pets abrasions injuries and hot spots. The all natural ingredients make it safe for pets who tend to lick their wounds. My dog loves it. When I put it on after a shower he follows me around trying to lick it off my legs and arms.

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