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Brothers Apothecary Spiced Cacao CBD Hot Chocolate 3 Servings, 200 mg cbd

Brothers Apothecary Spiced Cacao CBD Hot Chocolate 3 Servings, 200 mg cbd

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This CBD Hot Chocolate Spiced Cacao beverage is a uniquely rich, distinctly spiced cocoa that’s inspired by traditional recipes. Made with Peruvian cacao, coconut, bold spices, and a touch of sweet.

3 serving bag, 60 mg cbd/serving

What does Spiced Cacao taste like?
Cacao is generally more bitter than cocoa, and is processed at much lower temperatures than roasted cocoa and fermented to develop flavor. Many liken the punchy aftertaste to that of espresso beans.

BA combines this with coconut milk powder, low-glycemic coconut sugar, and a set of seven unique spices, including ginger, cayenne, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and clove. The result is a smooth, chocolatey and bitter drinking chocolate that is perfect for those chilly Autumn and winter nights.

What makes Spiced Cacao special?
BA’s Spiced Cacao exclusively uses cacao sourced from the Andes Mountains, grown in Peruvian farming cooperatives and harvested/dried according to traditional preparations. 5% of all sales goes back to social equity and environmental projects.
Plus, because cacao is processed at ultra-low temperatures, it retains a much higher nutritional profile when compared to cocoa. Combining this with organic ginger, spices, and organic coconut (plus CBD), makes this a uniquely dense superfood drink.

Spiced Cacao is a perfect anytime drink, but it’s worth noting that cacao is used as a stimulant, mood enhancer, and often produces a euphoric experience. Unlike Brothers Apothecary lue Moon Milk, this isn’t intended for right before bed, and makes a better complement to your morning or mid-day routine.

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