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Biospectrum CBD + CBN + THC Sleep Tincture 5475 mg/oz

Biospectrum CBD + CBN + THC Sleep Tincture 5475 mg/oz

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Unwind and prepare for a restful night’s sleep to wake up feeling your very best.

This is one of the strongest tinctures we have found at a very reasonable price from a high quality manufacturer.

  • Promotes relaxation and calms your mind  
  • 150mg CBD + 30mg CBN + 2.5mg Delta-9 THC per 1ml dropper 
  • Balanced blend to support a deep sleep  
  • 5475mg total cannabinoids per bottle (1 oz or 30 ml)

With almost 5500 mg of cannabinoids per bottle, This is one of the most potent tinctures we have found for prepping for a restful night of sleep.

  • 75mg CBD + 15mg CBN + 1.25mg Delta-9 THC per .5ml (1/2 dropper) 
  • 32.5 CBD + 7.5mg CBN + .625mg Delta-9 THC per .25ml (1/4 dropper)

The correct dose is different for everyone.  We recommend using the up-titration method to find the right dose for you.

Adults start with 1/4-1/2  dropper and increase until you find the correct dose for you.  (See link below How much CBD Oil Should I take?)
Place the contents under your tongue for at least 20 seconds before swallowing. Take 45 minutes before bed.

Ingredients: Sleep Tincture: Coconut MCT Oil, Natural Flavor

Have questions about cbd oil and how to take it? Give us a call at 847-905-0391.

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