a gallery of some of our favorite pictures of products, people and events at Botanica-cbd
  • Have questions about cbd. Come have a seat and join us for a conversation. Bring your questions and your skeptical uncle. 

  • We have a great selection of smokables, from cbd hemp flower, to, prerolls and hemp derived delta-9 thc.

  • If you've been intimidated by cannabis stores in the past, give us a try. We are an education based, customer service oriented cbd store. 

  • cbd + cbg is a customer favorite for a lift relief and a lift in your day.

  • It gets dark so early in the winter but we're here. Waiting to answer
    all your questions about cbd. Plus the store looks so cozy, don't ya

  • We have lots of non-alcoholic cbd & hemp derived delta 9 thc cocktails for chilling out without the intoxication of alcohol. Check out our beverages category page!

  • Aplos non-alchoholic hemp infused spirit is my go to summer garden drink when I want to chill but not be intoxicated. It's also great for Sober October and dry January!!

  • We had a lot of fun doing this window and trying to recreate how the full moon looks rising through the dune grass on our beautiful Lake
    Michigan. We are always trying to make your cbd shopping experience more enjoyable

  • We love dressing up our windows for the seasons. Just one of the ways we try to make your cbd shopping experience pleasing to all the senses.

  • Khus+Khus Ayurvedic cbd skincare is organic and entirely plant based. It contains no artificial or animal based ingredients. If you're eating
    clean, this is the skincare equivalent. The SEN face serum has a cult
    following among our customers. A less expensive alternative (and we
    think better) to Vitner's Daughter.

  • Dreaming of summer. Rohlas pre rolls blend ethically sourced Oregon hemp flower with with the worlds most sought after smokable herbs. Whether you're relaxing on the beach or working from home Rohlas smooth flavorful smoke will keep you grounded, balanced and focused.

  • Endoca high potency cbd hemp oil is our strongest oil at 150mg per ml or
    5 mg per drop. Did you know that hemp oil is just another way to say
    full spectrum cbd oil? Not to be confused with hemp seed oil, hemp oil is actually a more accurate label because there is a whole lot more in
    this oil than just cbd. 

  • Cannuka Cleansing Body Bar is one of our favorite products. It has an
    olive oil base like traditional castille soaps so it hydrates your skin
    as it cleanses. It can also be very effective for irritated skin
    conditions. Treat your skin with cbd and Mannuka honey in a creamy