• Founders Lisa & Keri Brennan

    We are a women owned business that is focused on finding the best cbd
    and full spectrum hemp products available anywhere. From the thousands
    of products we have reviewed, we have curated a selection of highest
    quality products available. We test the products that we carry ourselves
    because there are many products on the market that make claims that
    don’t pan out in real life.

  • Research

    The research behind cbd and hemp based products is fascinating and we spend a great deal of time reading articles and published research about the benefits of hemp based products. We are happy to share our knowledge base, research and resources with our customers and walk them through the pros and cons of prospective products, brands, and delivery systems.

  • Not Your Daddy's Head Shop

    A nice aesthetic is important to us so we designed our store to have a
    comfortable and welcoming environment where everyone will enjoy shopping and learning more about cbd and full spectrum hemp products.